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EYEWIND is a Creativity & Data-Driven mobile app developer and publisher, TOP9 of Chinese overseas downloads, TOP 50 worldwide downloads.

Products and Strategies
There should be no medium and no translation between strategy and product. Our mission is to build easy-to-use, fun, and interesting products over the long term that will continue to lead the international market.
The main creative team has more than 10 years of mobile interaction R&D experience and has provided UED services for many tech giants, and also has in-depth research in graphics, AI, physics, etc.
With an experienced international publishing team, we achieve the ultimate commercialization through multidimensional in-depth analysis, provide long-term operation of the whole chain, and welcome CPs to cooperate and win together in addition to our own products.

Games & Apps

Since company inception, the volume of downloads on the whole network has exceeded 900 million. With many products winning Google Play Editor's Choice and AppStore recommendation.Won the Best Apps of Google Play and Independent Games Award for 3 years.

Ten million level products
Single product high Download
Won awards
Top country
Total Downloads
Cross Stitch

Cross Stitch

Pioneer of cross stitch coloring game, we have been widely loved by players all over the world since it was launched. Here you can enjoy your interests and hobbies..

Brain find

Brain find

The third production of imagination products, on the basis of imagination to join the battle, plot, Simulation management and other innovative gameplay.

case hunter

case hunter

The world's first detective plus management game, with novel content and widely acclaimed gameplay.

Brain out

Brain out

The first game in the Imagination category, which reinterprets puzzle games in the form of imagination, It started a new wave of puzzle-solving.

Become a popular game

In 2021, the company officially accepted CP cooperation, whether individual developers or mature teams, existing product release, or the full chain of product R&D release guidance, Eyewind can help you succeed!

  • Global continuous hot style research and transport capability
  • Professional omnichannel all-chain releasing team
  • Professional creative and data operation team
  • Provide free overseas suction test
  • Have a huge accumulation of user data of self-research.

Work at Eyewindss

Do it today. Remind yourself of someone you know who died suddenly and the fact that there is no guarantee that tomorrow will come.


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